And of course, enjoy the new design. Basic injection with rt73 and BackTrack v2 for beginners. Blacklisting mac driver version. If you are missing them, the use yum or equivalent on your distribution to install them such as: Nearly all non-mac drivers that can support injection need to be patched to support injection in Monitor mode.

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I made this before Devine had its own one. It shares the same issue with Devine’s driver, it aircfack inject on kernels newer than 2.

[GUIDE] Use aircrack-ng on android phone using Wireless USB Adapter

In the gt73 above, there are kernel headers and a kernel development package that match the r7t3 we are running.

You are using the legacy driver for your device and want to switch to the mac driver. If you are missing them, the use yum or equivalent on your distribution to install them such as: YES driver patching required No fragmentation aircraci support. If you are using a legacy driver, and want to switch to the mac driver, then you need to blacklist the old driver, and enable the new one.


This is very important so that everyone can benefit from the experiences of others. There are also notes regarding limitations. If you try loading both, one will fail. It has the huge advantage of being included in the kernel itself. Originally Posted by jasmineaura. You can find this page on cyanogenmod. Android Apps and Games. The following script will move all related modules out of the module tree. Revision 2 is experimental ACX chipset.

Linux-wireless has 3 pages depending on the device type: Always use the latest patches that you can find here. There is a new wireless stack starting in the mainline kernel since 2.

Using the standard capabilities failed for some APs ska The rest aircrackk atheros chipsets excluding the ones mentioned and MIMO series as well as fullMAC these are rare, only found in aigcrack devices should be supported.

The individual driver pages may have additional troubleshooting information specific to that driver. Open up a shell and type: Yet another option is to use scripts to switch back and forth between the ieee and mac drivers. Couldn’t find a better tutorial on the net!

For the sake of simplicity, let’s copy it to the desktop but rename it so that later commands won’t override it: See the next troubleshooting tip as an alternative to moving the modules. Then you modprobe -r via the driver it is using and reload those drivers again via modprobe. It may even affect other kernel versions.


rt [Aircrack-ng]

You first need to determine what wireless chipset your card uses. Here are the options: Needs a recent GIT kernel from the wireless-testing branch.

At a minimum there should be some messages relating to your device loading and the module initializing it.

Then use your package manager to determine if you have kernels, kernel headers or kernel development packages that are older.

Aircraci page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found here. This driver does not support any USB atheros devices.

The wiki driver section on this page has links to the various drivers.