Page When the set value is increased, copy becomes darker. Page 86 However, warm-up is continued. List Part name Ref. Sharp mx-mu; mx-mn; mx-mu; mx-mn; mx-mu; mx-mn office digital multifunctional system pages. Paper Entry Sensor 2 Open the paper exit paper guide. Power Section 1 Remove three fixing pawls from the bottom of the machine. Duplex Motor Section rspf Model Only

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The aging function is removed from test com- mand Page 25 2 Perform steps 2 through 7 in “Custom installation”.

Page of Go. Refer to fig 2. Adjust the setting so that the void area is 2 – 4 mm. Tr array IC Transfer charger signal control signal. Charger wire Protrusion 1.

Page Each motor is driven in W phase excitement, phase excitement, or 2-phase excitement. Assembly Procedure 7 Remove the table glass. The front and the back are in upside down each other.

Paper jam recovery time 0 sec. Assembly Procedure 12 Remove the rod. With the above procedures, installation on Windows ME of the inte- gration maintenance program is completed.


When the machine is not booted.: Sensor Pwb 2 168 the upper cover. 168dd wire replacement Page 48 – C. Version Acquisition Procedures left key together, and turn on the power simultaneously.

Refer to A-5 – 8. When the sheet paper feed unit is installed. Pressure plate holder attachment 1 Attach the pressure plate holder so that the resin section is not covered with xr seal M1-N. Page Tr array IC Transfer charger signal control signal. The printer counter is displayed. Setting Up Button Manager Ask your network administrator for the server name and printer name of the machine on the network.

Page 3 At the production line, the output power Caution of the scanner unit is adjusted to 0. For 25 or less, however, the void amount is regarded as 0. Page 39 4 After more than half rotation of the pick-up roller, the paper feed latch is brought in contact with a notch on the clutch sleeve, stopping rotation of the pick-up roller.


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When [ ] key is pressed, the sequence is reversed. Copy lamp unit Copy lamp Lens unit B. Adjustments 1 Set the scale on the document table as shown below.

Be sure to replace these parts. Pickup solenoid 1 Remove two screws. The scanning speed increases when the USB 2.

Page 55 22 Remove each pawl, and remove the paper exit tray. The width sensor is available only in the FAX models.

Sharp AR 168D Supplies

Electrical signals are converted into photo signals. Page 53 7 Remove the screw, and open the upper paper guide. Check the CCD unit.