I hope that the developers will eliminate all drawbacks and improve the BIOS. So far, I am quite pleased. Return to General Old Hardware. Write a comment below. The results shown by the testing sample in the Quake 3 are almost identical in bit and in bit color.

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The Tualatin is based on the 0. The results shown by the testing sample in the Asjs 3 are almost identical in bit and in bit color.

Exactly this processor is under investigation today. The processor will hardly suit for upgrading computers of home users. The part which demonstrates the azus in typical business applications has acquired WinZip 8. Old motherboards do not support Tualatin, and the latter will work only on a mainboard based on the i B-step with FC-PGA2 connector. It was cheap and had a great feature set with only one major bit of stupidity.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Adobe Photoshop 6.

ASUS TUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

The processor core is covered with an IHS Integrated Heat Spreader – a metallic plate protecting the die from damaging and improving heat exchange. Write a comment below. The software set has changed. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.


TUSL2-C | ASUS Global

But the increased overclocking potential doesn’t matter much for servers where Intel positions the Tualatin. I’ve never v owned an mobo and thought it would be interesting to have a go at one. My Mhz had the cooler already attached, so i never had to fiddle with cooling. So far, I am quite pleased. To improve the stability the developers equipped the board with 8 uF and 2 uF capacitors. On the low-end server market the AMD’s platform has a strong competitor.

It has asuss seemed extremely fast in windows, faster than even my long-gone P4 NetBurst 2.

The problem is that the 3rd parties can’t make auss chipset like Intel can. It is stable, easy to setup no weird PCI sharing problemsup to date for its time, and overclocks quite well.

ASUS TUSL2-C – motherboard – ATX – Socket 370 – i815EP Series

It’s just disgusting to see Intel manipulate things like that. No modifications for MHz are planned to be released. The mobile version of the Tualatin shines at the expense of a renewed SpeedStep.


A power supply connector, CD-in and Aux-in are located not very good. Despite a scarce description we faced no problem when installing the board. Video 3Digests Video cards: You don’t need anything fancy. Windows Professional SP2. Third parties came to the rescue there too. Did they find a solution to breaking the mb barrier they are not sharing? I doubt that they did though.

In general, the board is reliable, with a lot of possibilities in adjusting different features. With Asks, it’s pretty easy to come up with something that will eat up all MB. The desktop version of the Tualatin will replace the Celeron family while Performance and Mainstream segments are meant to save Intel Pentium 4.

No, the matter is not in the processor.