I hope you didn’t buy the VB’s from a dodgy eBay supplier? So even though such a device may have a “logic-level gate”, it’s possible it won’t work well when driven directly from a logic output like the BIP will. They can make over hp from 2 cylinders. We have a high pressure test bench to try many digfferent coil combos and set ups. For electronic control you are going to need something like an inverter welding or plasma cut power supply in between. You would also need to provide for a very generous heat sink because they would generate a lot of heat.

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The engine currently has 2 bosvh plugs per cylinder but we may add 2 more. We need a long burn time on the spark CDI will not work to light such a cold fuel.

The application is a ci V twin Harley running on up percent nitro. They may be better for some application but universally so. This has been done, played with a primitive setup myself but it bip33 letting its magic smoke out while consuming the plugs in a few seconds.

The BIP’s are sometimes hard to find, try Diyautotune.

You can play on a stocker or even “normal” hipo motor. I also removed the resistor R1. Yes bosxh will be a leakage current, its a trilington after all Darlington but more sobut it won’t matter a jot driving an ignition coil of several ohms. Not all of them work with 5V gate drive though Don’t know anything about it, but looks interesting.

Hi, I am trying to drive an ignition coil with a VB and I am unable to get a spark out of the spark plug and the VB is getting hot over time. I think it was Radiospares or Farnell. MarkT Brattain Member Bkp373 MS1 HAD Absolutely no issues Apart from incorrect settings that fried the track off the board but never harmed the driver. I will test it to failure before we run it on the bike. So I wouldn’t say they are better but simply a different option if you know what you’re doing.

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Bosch BIP Coil Driver Mod Kit – JFE Tech

Also I prefer a complete meltdown as apposed to an auto shutdown and re start, that could be bad. If the primary voltage goes above the VB’s clamping voltage limit of V you have a problem – the device will heat up rapidly and it won’t be able to generate enough output voltage. Lots of duff factory reject chips get sold by various channels including eBay these days – caveat emptor. Was thinking about stepping the voltage up to 25 volts bi373 the coil and with a.

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So even though such a device may have a “logic-level gate”, it’s possible it won’t work well when driven directly from a logic output like the BIP will. The spark gap is 0.

I know that jacking up the primary voltage will help with the output but the current also goes up as well.

The reason IGBT’s are preferred over MOSFETs for high voltage is that coio is less internal feedback from drain collector to gate in an IGBT so the high voltage swings bip73 much ciil chance of over-voltaging the gate and damaging the gate oxide layer. Looks like it will handle 5 more amps of current. You need to protect the input rail to the Arduino from the large inductive spikes on the car 12V circuit, using good filtering. Users browsing this forum: I would like to build the highest possible current coil driver in hopes of driving the best possible coil for the most ammount of spark current for my Harley top fuel project.

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Need help to drive an ignition coil with a VB

A better BIP ignition driver? It was developed by Bosh expressly for this purpose.

It is odd fire. With yours being rated at more than double the current I would think I could double up the voltage on a heavy duty coil and actually drive at least 25 amps through it. You are probably going to need something like bosh surface discharge plugs unless you want to do the glow plug thing the TF dragsters do by the end of the run.

We know the IRLZ34N works, its possible the VB is fried, but it ought to handle a couple of amps without issue upto about 6 in extremis. They’re an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if they are ready to make it out of the lab and onto the track just yet.

They put cylinders out then it just stops making power.